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Darwin Aboriginal Art Festival with the presence of Ngali

Aboriginal Clothing| Silk Scarves| silk slip dress

Darwin Aboriginal Art Festival And Indigenous designed clothing

If you want to escape the winter weather, the ideal time to visit Darwin on Larrakia Country is in August. So start planning now!

The city was awash with activities during the Darwin Festival. The Darwin Aboriginal Art Festival referred to as DAAF, is an annual event and sits proudly under the umbrella of the Darwin Festival. Located at Darwin Convention Centre, there are over 2,000 artists from over 70 Indigenous owned and operated Art Centres exhibiting and selling amazing art. The Fair showcases the artwork of emerging and established artists, and provides a space for visitors to meet them and learn from a variety of different community groups across Australia. 

There is something for everyone at this fair due to the range of products which include paintings on canvas, bark paintings, works on paper, didgeridoos, jewelry, woven baskets, sculptures, and wall hangings. Of course, the serious collectors get there early to snap up the high-end artists.

Runway Show at the Darwin Aboriginal Art Festival

To kick off the fair this year DAAF held a runway fashion show From Country to Couture which showcased remarkable boutique collections that have been designed and crafted in collaboration with community artists and art centres including Ngali. DAAF has played a pivotal role in the rise of Australian indigenous textile art resulting in the fashion industry both nationally and internationally, embracing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art and culture as a new and exciting trend in the fashion industry. The high level of indigenous fashion design has prompted the announcement for the inaugural Indigenous Fashion Awards for 2020.

Silk scarves|silk dresses| Aboriginal clothing|head scarf

History of Darwin Aboriginal Art Festival

DAAF has originally conceived 13 years ago and designed to complement the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Awards (NATSIAA).  The awards night on Friday is a fabulous event where locals and visitors congregate on the lawns of the National Arts Museum enjoying their picnics and watching the sunset before the awards begin. Guests are entertained with fabulous Indigenous music mixed in with the award announcements. And finally on Saturday the Darwin Festival hosts and celebrates the National Indigenous Music Awards another fun night of entertainment on the lawns in the amphitheater in the Botanical gardens.

Together, these prestigious events mark the most significant national festival of national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander arts. Make sure you put it on your travel list for 2020!

The very best of Aboriginal art was exhibited at the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair. Wiradjuri fashion brand Ngali works with Gija artist Lindsay Malay from the Warmum Art centre to bring his art to the world via our unique women’s clothing collections.

You can see How Ngali help showcase Aboriginal Art Clothing and how we help Aboriginal children access quality education.


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