In October 2019, Indigenous Business Month will honor five years of displaying the ability and depth of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business people from a variety of business segments. The monthly activity will promote Indigenous business development and advancement, concentrating on the current year's subject Indigenous Ingenuity. 

Indigenous Business Month In October 2019 - Aboriginal Design Clothing 

Indigenous Ingenuity is all around us. Lead by Elders, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have been developing new methods for getting things done for ten of thousands of years. Ingenuity can be found in the numerous Indigenous organisations around the nation from urban, regional and remote areas. It can be found in every single Indigenous entrepreneur, who strives for monetary autonomy, and it radiates through privately-owned companies balancing business with family and community. For Indigenous businesses, ingenuity is at the heart of what moves us all forward.

A year ago, a remarkable forty Indigenous Business Month events were held. Event numbers are expected to increase yet again this year. The Indigenous business sector is one of the fastest developing areas in Australia helped in some part by the introduction of the Indigenous Procurement Policy (IPP)1 extension in the 2019 – 20 Federal Government spending plan. 

Jason Eades, Chief Executive officer, Welcome to Country and Indigenous Business Month 2019 host said, “I am proud to be part of Indigenous Business Month since its inception in 2014. It is inspiring to see the events be embraced across Australia and hear about the amazing achievements of Indigenous Business owners throughout the years. This milestone is a testimony that Indigenous businesses are thriving, and our ingenuity is having a large impact on the growth of the Australian economy.”

Indigenous Business Month is an activity driven by the alumni of the Melbourne Business School's MURRA Indigenous Business Master Class, which see business as a means to provide positive good examples to young Indigenous Australians and improving the personal satisfaction of Indigenous people. 

"Indigenous Business Month has built to be the debut business occasion of the year not just for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business visionaries, but additionally for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders thinking about business as a vocation and wish to be a part of this network. 

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The current year's subject Indigenous Ingenuity celebrates the development and achievement of the Indigenous Businesses sector. Ingenuity is the core of how Indigenous business people carry their social learning to taking care of issues and discovering unique arrangements that lead to business openings. It's no big surprise the Indigenous business area is blasting" said Michelle Evans, MURRA Program Director and Associate Professor of Leadership at the University of Melbourne. 

Indigenous Business Month keeps running from October 1 to October 31. Look at the site on the off chance that you might want to enroll to have an occasion or to go to an occasion close to you. Also you can see Ngali is one of Indigineous businesses manufacturing Aboriginal designer clothing, silk dresses and silk scarves by translating our artists’ artwork onto quality and ethically manufactured clothing.