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Ngali’s Collaboration with Lindsay Malay & Warmun Arts Centre

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Ngali’s Autumn/Winter collection brings fashion and art together to showcase a collaboration that has taken art beyond the canvas and textile design onto country.

After meeting at the Darwin Aboriginal Art Fair in 2018, Gija artist Lindsay Malay and Ngali’s Wiradjuri designer and founder Denni Francisco collaborated to translate Malay’s artwork into vibrant and tactile textile design for Ngali’s Autumn/Winter collection.

This exciting collaboration was established through a shared vision of celebrating culture, showcasing Aboriginal centred design and instigating mutually beneficial partnerships across the country between cross-sector Aboriginal businesses.

It was through Ngali’s visit to Warmun and Lindsay’s country that this shared vision came to fruition with the idea to showcase Lindsay’s art in Melbourne while launching the new collection. It was also through this visit that the idea to include the kids from the Art Centre in the celebration and Ngali had a select range of kids clothes made with textiles printed from the kid's designs.

Wanting to be involved and not wanting to miss showing the city kids what’s what up in the Kimberly, this additional runway show aimed to celebrate the kids in Warmun, their art and passion for country.  The launch on April 3rd 2019 at the Abbotsford Convent was a celebration of collaboration, facilitated to develop a greater understanding of Aboriginal art, fashion and creativity.

Ngali is honoured by its ongoing relationship with Warmun Arts Centre, and to launch the Autumn/Winter Collection.

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  • I visited the Warnum Arts Centre during a tour of the Kimberley 3 years ago,what a wonderful experience ! I am still kicking myself for not buying a particular painting as a gift….the richness of the subject matter & colours was overwhelming,I just loved it all…….

    evangelia Dascarolis on

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