If someone tells you they are looking forward to Christmas because they want to spend time with family, we know there is even more to Christmas than that! An added charm of Christmas is the delicious food, presents and of course, the festive clothes we get to wear. 

Unfortunately, in Australia, Christmas is a time when the heatwave is at its peak. Thus, the tasty and mind-numbing Christmas dishes extensively cooked in the snowy Northern Hemisphere are unsuited for our environment. Fortunately! We have a tasty yet nutritious solution to this problem i.e. use indigenous bush foods this Christmas and host a bush tucker party!

Some of the bush foods you can use for your Christmas dinner are:


What is Christmas without some meat? Roo meat is very common in supermarkets and is a pretty nutritious alternative to the red meats we usually turn to. If you know how to cook it right, you can make multiple food dishes using this unique meat exclusive to Australia. Roo meat goes well will cold dishes like salads as well as with hot dishes like Roo Wellington.

Finger Lime

Finger lime native to Australia gives you a true citrus punch and as compared to the typical lime have a higher vitamin C content. During Christmas day, these little ones are ideal for beating the heat. You can use them to make some iced tea for your bush tucker party or even some good old lemonade. Also, if you have not tried finger lime with gin, make sure you try it this Christmas. Trust me, you will find a new favorite drink. 


Can you imagine Christmas without a good dessert? Neither can I. Quandong has been a traditional staple for deserts for thousands of years. You can always go for the traditional quandong Christmas pudding or make a gazelle out of this amazing fruit. The best part is, apart from being delicious, they are loaded with nutrition. 

Wrap up your bush tucker party with some slow fashion clothing

Planning your Christmas party dress is as important as deciding the menu. Since we are talking about using bush foods this Christmas, how about investing in a dress that will not only look chic, stylish and comfy but will also last longer leaving a greener footprint? Ngali is known for its slow fashion and timeless clothing that has been produced based on slower production schedules, fair wages, lower waste and a lower carbon footprint.

The clothing line features clothing options for all occasions including silk dresses for more formal parties, that can also be dressed down with comfy sandals or sneakers for a more casual occasion. Ngali clothing will take you just about anywhere so it’s also travel-friendly. So check out Ngali and pump up your Christmas party look up a notch.