Why You Should Support Your Local Clothing Brands



What makes local clothing brands genuinely unique in a world dominated by colossal clothing companies?

Emotional connection.

The interactions between designers, tailors, suppliers, and customers inspires creativity and adds a personal touch to each product. As the media’s influence on the fashion industry intensifies, the local character of clothing is getting lost in the plethora of magazines, blogs, and social media.

Independent designers, like Ngali, create unique and exclusive clothing that inspires connection and a sense of community.

Supports the Local Community

Retail chains typically acquire supplies from overseas manufacturers. Did you know that 92% of clothing sold in Australia in 2020 are imported?

Local brands however usually get much of what they need from within the community. This includes employees, supplies, services and equipment. The funds are reinvested back into the community, resulting in economic growth and better living standards overall.

You Know the People Behind the Brand

It’s unlikely that you can picture the people behind the products you bought from a mega clothing brand. But when you buy from people you know of, you enjoy a special connection that those corporations do not offer.

Together with the community, you are able to celebrate their success hear their stories and engage more directly.

Adds Uniqueness to the Community

Ngali, along with other local brands represent the creativity, culture, and history of community and the presence of multiple local businesses adds vibrance and character to the local environment and this can be good for tourism and the economy.

“Supporting local brands doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re shutting the door for international names. It only means you’re nurturing businesses that support local workers and primarily serve local consumers. It lessens our dependence on imports and reduces global dominance of a few brands.” Karina Wolfin.

More Personalised Service

Local designers, tailor, suppliers, and manufacturers, know their customers and so can customise their products accordingly. In a significantly homogenised world, smaller brands are well positioned to offer unique and exciting fashion options.

Supporting local brands helps improve the standard of living, preserves culture, and adds value to your community. When you buy clothing from Ngali, you’re also helping Aboriginal communities and giving Indigenous artists a chance to be recognised by the world. Check their products for all-season fashion choices now!