Earth Ochre Patterned Knit Scarf

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Product Description:

This double sided multi-patterned scarf is knitted with 100% fine merino wool and features the artwork of Gija man Lindsay Malay from the Kimberley in Western Australia. A unique and collectable scarf that has its own identity keeping you warm through the winter months. Wrap it around your neck for cosy comfort or wear it long over your favourite clothing to celebrate the artwork it depicts.

Color: Earth Ochre

Fabric: 100% Fine Merino Wool

Inspired by the Artwork of Lindsay Malay

Artwork © Lindsay Malay

Product Story:

Gija man, Lindsay Malay works from the Warmun Art Centre, located 200kms outside of Kunnannura in the Kimberley, Western Australia. Warmun is renowned for its artists' use of natural ochre and pigments to denote a contemporary expression of Country and culture and its reputation is felt both nationally and internationally due to the calibre of highly successful artists in the community. 

Lindsay's work is vibrant and transfixing, telling the story of Warlawoon, the Country he inherited from his Grandfather and of which his family regained traditional ownership of in 2010.

Lindsay and Melbourne based Wiradjuri woman, Denni Francisco, founder and designer of fashion label Ngali, have collaborated to translate Lindsay's art into textile designs. This exciting collaboration was established through a shared vision of celebration culture, showcasing Aboriginal centred design and instigating mutually beneficial partnerships across the country between cross-sector Aboriginal businesses.