Grey Bark Silk Tee Shirt Dress

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Size : 4(14-16)

 Product Description:

Inspired by Australia's natural flora, this silk print tee-shirt dress gives you 2 dresses in 1.

A clean and timeless cut makes this dress an everyday staple and the varying natural print means you can wear this silk dress for work during the day, turn it inside out, pair with your favourite statement shoes and be ready for whatever the evening has in store for you.

Featuring french seams on the reverse side and incredibly soft to touch, this silk dress not only feels amazing to wear, it's perfect for relaxed summer living - day or night.

Colour: Grey

Fabric: 92% Silk 8% Elastane

Please note: the print placement on each garment will vary. This will give each printed garment a unique and individual look. Please consider this before placing your order.

Product Story:

This print has been adapted from a photograph of a Eucalyptus Gum on Dja Dja Wurrung Country (Kyneton). Ngali wishes to pay their respect to Dja Dja Wurrung elders and people, past, present and future, and humbly thank them for sharing their Country with us all.  

The gum tree towers over our Australian landscape, sometimes up to 60 metres tall. The bark on many is mottled, while on some species the newly exposed smooth bark can be a brilliant orange or yellow, fading to various shades of grey. The surface texture can become granular with age and offer up interesting and unique patterns.

Amongst other native plants, our people use the branches of gum trees for smoking ceremonies. We burn the branches to produce smoke, which has cleansing properties and the ability to ward off bad spirits from the people and the land and make a pathway for a brighter future. It is the unique characteristics of various gum trees that have inspired our photography and the translation of the brilliant patterns to create our unique fabric print.

8.Ngali honors artwork of Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander Artists and turn them into silk clothes to make Aboriginal designed silk dresses and silk scarves by bringing together Aboriginal Artists who showcase their aesthetic artwork through artistic creation.