Wrap Me Up Cardigan - Sandstone

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Product Description:

This long sandstone cardigan looks great with anything and everything. While the weather might be cold and treacherous, you will always look great with this piece of clothing. It could be a casual stroll or a business meeting, you can stay wrapped up without sacrificing a fashionable look!

Color: Sandstone

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Ngali brings together a talented group of gifted Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists who showcase their artwork through the mediums of painting, photography and artistic creation. We translate that art into clothing using silk fabrics to create aboriginal themed designer clothing through ethical fashion.

As a ‘for-profit’ social enterprise we give recognition and financial support to our indigenous artists and artisans as well as make our contribution to the advancement of aboriginal women and children.

It is a good feeling for our customers to know that every purchase of a Ngali product helps a young person living in a remote Indigenous and aboriginal community to develop IT and literacy skills for enhanced learning and capacity building.You can find out more on B1G1.