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Supporting First Nations' Talent

We take stunning First Nations’ artwork beyond wall display and onto garments to walk the streets and show up in a myriad of places around the world.

Mindful Manufacturing

We strive to practice just-in-time manufacture and offer an alternative to fast fashion: We use top-quality
fabrics that last, so our pieces can be worn for the longest time, loved by many, recycled and eventually up-cycled.

Style that Lasts

Our collections are beyond trend and designed to move effortlessly through seasons. Styled to take us
anywhere we would like to go.

Business for Good

Through our business activity we give financial support to children living in remote communities of Australia to enhance their literacy and IT skills.


Ngali translates in a number of Aboriginal languages to "we" or “us”. So collaboration, connectedness and togetherness in the pursuit of a common goal is at the heart of all we do.

To find out more about joining us on this journey and becoming one of our wholesale clients please make contact with us by sending us the following details.